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December 08, 2008


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David M

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I woke up this morning knowing the timing was about right and hoping to hear some news. Thanks for taking the time to post so I actually knew. I'm not ashamed to admit that this old soldier cried some tears of relief and joy after reading that Micah and all my brother and sisters in the 126 are back safe.


WOO HOO!!! Thank God! You did it Beth! You survived your biggest challenge yet! Like I have always said, I don't know how you do it...you have done an amzing job of keeping house in Micah's absence and THAT is what the boys will remember. Yes Christmas is upon us, and you are right when you say you have just received the best gift ever this year, that your husband has returned from war. Nothing else will matter...it wouldnt matter if you didn't have your tree up, it matters who is there to be able to spend it with you and the boys. I don't think Micah cares if the house is a mess, if there are toys everywhere, if the dust is so thick he could write "I love you" in it...I am sure all that matters to him is that he is home. Home to the 3 most important people in his life! I can totally see how you could become so stressed as his return drew nearer as I imagine the anticipation of the first confrontation would be overwhelming! So many emotions running through your mind... at first you are so happy and relieved to have him home and in the midst of your embrace you feel like screaming in frustration at how his absence has made you feel and the person you've become. Of course you are going to be different than when he left...you have had to complete the hardest task of your life and you're job is done. You did a fantastic job and are entitled to "mommy time" away and time to debrief yourself. You are an amazing woman Beth and don't you ever think for a minute that you're not. Hell, I yell at my kids every day it seems...it is completely normal at their ages!

All I can say is that I am soo happy for you and the boys to have their daddy back on American soil! Take care of yourself Beth ~ you deserve a break. Tell Micah we say Hi and are glad to have him back.

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